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Heart Bleed Alert

We are keeping a close eye on the "Heartbleed" bug you may have heard about. The vendor we use for Online Banking has completed a preliminary assessment and has not discovered any vulnerability. However, there are a number of ancillary services within your online banking experience that have not yet completed their assessment. We will be sure to keep you updated.

Important Debit Card Information

Due to increase in fraudulent transactions, Community Bank has added fraud monitoring and real-time decision capabilities to our debit card product. All bank debit cards are blocked outside of the United States. If you are traveling overseas and need to use your debit card, please call your local branch or (505) 946-3500 with the following information: name, card number, visiting country, and dates traveling. This block also applies to websites that are hosted outside of the country. If you need to make a purchase on an online site based overseas, please call the bank to make a temporary one-day exception. Please remember that your daily card limit for Point of Sale (POS) transactions is $1000.00 so if you need to make a big purchase, please call the bank for a temporary limit increase on your card. During business hours, you can call our Electronic Bkng Dept. directly at 505-946-3533 or 505-946-3534.

Phishing Scam Alert 

This scam targets users by sending emails that appear to be from Digital Insight source (for example, Digital Insight Customer Care, Digital Insight Administration, etc.), and is designed to trick the recipient into clicking a link in the e-mail for the purpose of acquiring sensitive data, such as passwords or financial information. Digital Insight is our service provider for Internet Banking.

Users are advised to NEVER click links or install programs suggested in emails, even if the email appears to be from an official or familiar source. Digital Insight will never send client or end users emails containing links to download software or applications.

Remember, Community Bank will NEVER request your account numbers, debit card numbers, passwords or any other personal information by email, phone, or text message. DO NOT respond to any request for information through email. If you have any questions regarding this alert, please call the bank at 505-946-3500.

Please note: Community Bank or Digital Insight systems have not been breached in any way. Your information is still safe.

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