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Safe Deposit Boxes


That is why we are pleased to now offer you the opportunity to have your safe deposit box contents insured against loss or damage, without disclosure of what is stored in the box or paying for an expensive appraisal. All property stored in the box is covered against most natural and man-made disasters including burglaries and robberies. Each policy also provides $3,000 of benefits to help defray the cost of replacing or repairing important documents such as wills, titles, deeds, passports or even photos in your box.
We do not insure nor does the FDIC insure the contents of your box. Homeowners insurance provides no coverage for floods and limited, if any, coverage for other losses related to your box contents.
Please click on the hyperlink below to get coverage:

Contact your local office for sizes, prices and availability.

A key deposit of $25.00 is required.

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