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Online banking bill pay is available for FREE with your Community Bank account. No one likes the monthly ritual of opening bills, handwriting checks, addressing envelopes, and going to the post office to mail them. Paying your bills promptly will help you avoid late fees and interest charges. You can pay anyone, anytime from one place. You don't need fancy supplies, spreadsheets or costly pre-programmed packages to pay bills on time. Let Community Bank pay your postage.

Free online bill pay allows you to make an electronic bill payment to almost any business or individual quickly and simply. Many large corporations like Qwest or Sprint issue eBills directly to our online banking interface. Executing an electronic bill payment to the biller takes only a few clicks. Online bill paying service can also cut and send physical checks to smaller service providers like landlords or doctor's office.

Bill Pay offers you not only the ability to pay all of your bills from one site, but also provides you with the convenience of receiving, viewing and managing your bills at the same online location. With Bill Payment and Presentment, you'll be able to arrange email alerts for bill arrivals, due dates, and upcoming payments, use multiple funding accounts to pay your bills and even request billing history.

We can show you at a glance what bills have been paid and what you have left to pay. It is simple and only takes about two minutes each time you receive a bill! You can control your bills by using features such recurring and scheduled payments.

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