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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Enhanced Login Security

What is Multi factor Authentication (MFA) aka Enhanced Login Security?
MFA is an extra login security feature that adds additional credential to be authenticated to access online account.

When will I know that Enhanced Login Security is set for my accounts?
Soon you will be prompted to sign up when you login into your online banking session. Sign up once on your computer and you are all set.

How does MFA works?
As mentioned earlier, it is an extra security that verifies the IP address of the computer used by the customer. When a customer enrolls a computer for MFA, it installs a cookie in the user's browser to identify the user.

How will it affect my online banking experience?
Once you set up your computer the next time you login it will be business as usual - the rest of your online banking experience will remain exactly the same. 

Can I still access my account from a public computer or a computer that is not enrolled?
Yes, but only if you correctly answer the challenge questions that were set-up in your login.

Is MFA optional or mandatory?
Due to increase in number of identity thefts and phishing activities, the Federal Financial Institution Examination Council (FFIEC) has required banks to add more security layers, which are harder to steal. So, MFA was the recommended solution and is mandatory.

Can I remove a computer that has MFA feature?
Absolutely. Just go to user options, and click on Enhanced Login Security to remove a computer that has MFA.

How many computers can I enroll for MFA?
There is no limit on number of computers a user can enroll, but we suggest that you don't enroll a shared or public computer.

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